If you are interested in writing up an article or even just learning about your house's history, we have some good, local resources. You can make a visit to the Whittier Museum and ask them to help you source some information. You can also visit the history room that we have in our main branch of the Whittier library. Most recently Erin Singley has been working that area on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Of course you can do your own internet search as well. A short, concise paragraph or two will be the easiest for us to add to our web site.


What you might include in writing the story of your house:

Year it was first constructed.

Who the architect was.

Who the contractor was

Who the first resident(s) were or who owned the house and how long they owned it. Share any information you have about how those first residents/owners contributed to the early development of our city.

If you do not know who the first owner of the house was then list the owners of the house you are aware of (if a first house owner, consider sharing the pertinent background information on them).

Share the design/style the house was built in.

Share the changes that have been made to the house and the years those changes were made. 

List unique source material you come across like the name and date of a newspaper article.

Mentioning any historical listings of your house with various local or national agencies.

Mention any uses of your house in magazines or movies? 

Consider adding a few comments on the year you purchased your house and why you chose it.


The Whittier Museum has additional tips when gathering material on the story of your house (CLICK HERE).


After you write the story of your house, send it to us through the CONTACT page above. We will work with you on getting it to the final stage of taking a photo(s) of your house and inserting your story on these pages.