7032 Washington Avenue was built in 1929 and was home to Mrs. Alpha R. Bocks (a teacher), Albert P. Jumper, Willard J. and Louise Kenworthy, Beulah B. Lyle (Mrs. M.E. Smith), Earl and Stella D. Talkington, and Jesse C. and Flo M. Wynkoop, as listed in the 1930-31 Whittier City Directory. Willard J. Kenworthy was a presser at Whittier Laundry. Beulah B. Lyle was a beauty operator. Earl Talkington was an oil worker. Jesse C. Wynkoop was a mechanic. 

This residence is significant as an excellent example of Mission Revival architecture style. At a time when new residents were immigrating in large numbers to Whittier from throughout the United States, increased interest in California history contributed to emergence of the Mission Revivial movement, which encompassed restoration of extant buildings from Spanish and Mexican periods of rule, including missions and adobe houses, in addition to development of new buildings with exterior designs loosely referencing these early California buildings.

Local designation date is July 7, 2015. Its local designation identification is #108. There was no Mills Act Agreement on this residence at the time of its local designation.

SOURCES: The information above has been obtained from the original local designation documents and edits from the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association. It may also include ongoing current ownership input.