The house at 6546 Friends Avenue is referred to as the Sheridan House. It was built between 1895 and 1903. The residence was owned by a prominent member of the Whittier business and banking community, A.C. Johnson, who served as the first president of the Whittier National Trust and Savings Bank. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson served on the Whittier College Board of Trustees from 1902-1946 and offered considerable financial support to the college. A.C. Johnson further contributed to the community through his positions as a City Councilman, a charter member of the Rotary Club, and a founding member of the Board of Trade. The house became the Sheridan family house beginning in the 1990s and continued until 2016.

This residence is a typical Queen Anne with its high multiple roofs, massive appearance, and a variety of textured wall surfaces. Elements of the Eastlake style are seen in the porch detailing and the brackets at the bay windows. The applied ornamentation at the end of the gables and over the front bay windows are typical of Victorian Architecture. 

In the late 90's the house underwent extensive updating and systems upgrading that were age appropriate. A three car garage was added as well as a large wrap around porch in the backyard. Tin ceilings were installed in some rooms of the house, all in keeping with the age and style of the home. The current owner went through the process of getting the Mills Act on the home which helps the owners of similar vintage homes with taxes and upkeep.

NOTES: 1) This house was the location for the trick-or-treat scene in Hocus Pocus (a Disney movie). 2) This home is directly across from Central Park in Uptown Whittier. 3) Trivia buffs will be challenged by the historical "212" numbers that appear just below the house address on the front of the house.

Local designation date is December 9, 1997.

SOURCES: The information above has been obtained from the original local designation documents and edits from the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association. It may also include ongoing current ownership input. If you have access to clarifying information please forward it to us.