The house at 12348 Dorland Street was originally located on Pickering Avenue. It is known as the Dorland House as it was built for the Dorland family, an influential family who established the first cemetery in the City. The Dorland house was built in 1888 and both architect and builder are unknown to us today.

The Dorland’s operated the cemetery until it was abandoned in 1930. The Whittier Cemetery was eventually acquired by the City in 1968 and developed into Founders’ Memorial Park. The barn is still located on the property Is one of the few remaining examples of such in the City. The Victorian influence can be found in the hexagonal parlor, attached porch, gable ornamentation, decorative brackets, clap board siding and spindlework porch supports. 

Local designation date is September 25, 1991. The identification number is #9. No Mills Act Agreement was established at the time of the Local Designation. 

NOTE: The Dorland house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house of 1,031 square feet. The lot size is 8,355 square feet.

SOURCES: The information above has been obtained from the original local designation documents and edits from the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association. It may also include ongoing current ownership input. Please contact us with updated information that you possess.


revised 8/16/16