The house at 13648 La Cuarta is known as the Strawbridge House & 5 Orange Trees. The structure is estimated to have been built in the winter of 1887-88, at its current location. The house was built by William Strawbridge and is believed to have been the second residence built by a member of the original Quaker colony. Strawbridge was a stockholder in the Pickering Land and Water Company as well as a developer who played a significant role in the construction of many of the original commercial buildings in Whittier. William Strawbridge also harvested the first crop of oranges in Whittier around 1891. Four of the original Strawbridge orange trees remain on the front yard and one in the back of the property. The property was sold to the Reed McAllisters in 1917 where they ranched on the land for approximately five years. In 1922, Reed McAllister was persuaded to join his father-in-law in the business of automobile sales. McAllister found success in Cadillac sales, and even today, the McAllister Cadillac dealership remains a successful local business in Whittier. When the house was again sold in 1928 to James McGee, he used the structure to house his ranch manager. The house was used for the same purpose by Joseph McGee until 1944 when J. A. McGee II and his wife became the third generation of McGees to own the home. They lived in the house themselves and completed additions to the rear of the structure while lowering the overall ceiling height inside. The McGees also placed the structure on a solid foundation after discovering the original foundation consisted of 2 X 3s placed over bricks. These alterations completed in the 1940s appear to be the most extensive performed on the house since its original construction. 

Local designation date is November 11, 1997 and is identified as landmark #30. There was a Mills Act agreement connected with this residence at the time of its local designation.

SOURCES: The information above has been obtained from the original local designation documents and edits from the Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association. It may also include ongoing current ownership input.